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Russia Hall & The Inn at Huxley Wedding Photographer

Photographing Rebecca and Paul's wedding was an enchanting experience from start to finish. The day began amidst the elegant ambiance of Russia Hall in Cheshire, where the bridal preparations unfolded with a flurry of excitement. Rebecca, radiant in her gown, exuded joy as she anticipated the ceremony ahead. I was thrilled to photograph a very special first look between the Bride & Groom at Russia Hall before the Groom left to go to The Inn at Huxley. This was so much fun to photograph & something I would love to do again. 


As they exchanged vows at The Inn at Huxley, nestled in the heart of Cheshire, the November weather graced us with its warmth, adding a touch of magic to the occasion. Their beloved dog, a charming addition to the festivities, posed alongside the happy couple, creating beautiful photos & a really lovely moment between the three of them. The happy couple wanted to keep posed group photos to a minimum & keep things candid for much of the day. 


Throughout the day, a relaxed atmosphere prevailed, allowing for genuine smiles and heartfelt embraces. The evening sparkled with the glow of sparklers, illuminating the joyous celebration as guests danced the night away. It was a wedding filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories that will endure for a lifetime.

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