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Weddings 2021, When can you get married? When can I photograph your Chester wedding?

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

So the news we have all been waiting for has arrived, can you get married in 2021 and how many people will be allowed to celebrate with you.

The key dates:

8 March: Hopefully the Government will confirm for definite shortly, but 6 attendees can attend your wedding, if you just want to get married already & party together later.

12th April: From this date, weddings & receptions with up to 15 guests will be allowed.

17th May: Weddings with up to 30 guests will be allowed.

21st June 2021: All legal limits will be lifted on weddings, massive fingers crossed for this.

All the above dates are the earliest possible date that the above can happen, but I'm sure we've all got everything crossed that these will be the dates when all you gorgeous couples can finally tie the knot. If you've already got your Chester or Cheshire wedding photography booked with me & you have any questions, or if you want to discuss me photographing your wedding day, please get in touch.

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