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Wedding Shoes, Style or Comfort?

Wedding Shoes

When you are a bride to be planning your big day, there are lots of questions which go through your mind, what style of dress & shoes will you choose? how will you have your hair & make up?

But a big question I would recommend all brides to ask themselves when choosing their wedding shoes is: 'Will I realistically be able to wear them for up to 12 hours and walk around comfortably?'.

So often I have photographed brides who have chosen beautiful shoes, but they cannot walk in them beyond the wedding ceremony. I have seen brides switching to flip flops, borrowing a bridesmaid's shoes and as a last resort, going barefoot.

I was one of those brides, by the time of my own evening reception, I had to ditch the shoes to get on with dancing, I went bare foot. Not the most glamorous of options. At my own sisters wedding, she never planned on changing shoes, so had no spares at the venue, I had long changed out of my heels in the evening, into my coordinating black flats, however I was required to lend these to my sister & pop my heels back on with a wince & a yelp, the kind of which is only experienced when sore feet have to go back into the shoes which caused their pain. However, as a dutiful sister, I did not hesitate to help out the bride in need. Although my sister would have preferred some nice white flats to wear under her dress, instead she got my black & gold shoes with cats faces on them (they look better than they sound).

Things to remember when choosing your shoes:

*Can I walk normally in them?

*Will I realistically need to change into something else, if yes, ensure that someone brings those shoes to the

reception for you to change into. This way the more comfortable option can also be something you really love,

but you can walk in.

The last thing you want on your wedding day, is to be in pain, struggling to walk in your beautiful, but excruciating shoes, you will probably never be on your feet more than on your wedding day. Failing that, if you're the kind of woman who can't resist your dream shoes regardless of the pain, then remember:

* Wear them in around the house before the big day as much as you can.

* Gel insoles can really help ease the pressure from the ball of your foot.

* Ensure there are plenty of plasters available to you on the day.

* If your shoes start to slip, add some heel grips to reduce this.

Whatever shoes you choose to walk into your new married life, good luck & get in touch if you would like me to be the one to photograph those shoes.

Carrie x

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