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Wedding Photography- Wedding Day Make up.

Wedding Photographer Chester

So your planning the wedding of your dreams, you need to think about your wedding make up and ensure that it helps to make you look as good as you feel.

Whether you want to look as natural and close to the real you, or wow them with stand out make up to really stand out in your wedding photos. Hopefully the following tips & insights I have gained, may help.

1. Make Up Trial

Whether you are doing your own make up for your wedding, a friend is doing it for you, or you are hiring a professional, you must have a trial. This will give you the opportunity to ensure you love it and how it lasts through the day. Take lots of pictures and see if you like the way it looks in photos aswell. although bear in mind that mobile phone photos will not show makeup as much as professional photographs will.

2. Waterproof

Given that your wedding day is going to be one of the most emotional days of your life, it is no surprise that your makeup will need to withstand the odd teary eyed moment. Waterproof mascara is therefore highly recommended.

3. False eyelashes

Whether you decide that you want a set of strip lashes, individuals or LVL lashes, ensure that you have tried your preferred method of fluttery lashes well in advance of your wedding day, the last thing you need is to discover that you can't tolerate strip lashes the say of your wedding.

4. Flashback

I'm sure you have all seen the paparazzi photographs of celebrities with what appears to be loads of white powder under their eyes. This is caused by something called flashback and the culprit is the SPF found in many foundations, concealers, and powders. The same way that SPF reflects UV sun beams during the day also reflects a camera's flash. leaving you with flashback. So if you can avoid SPF makeup, then you will avoid falling victim to this. Most make up artists are experienced at dealing with this phenomenon and will ensure that your make up will not leave you with the dreaded white marks on your face in your wedding photographs. However if you are doing your own make up this needs to be considered. Although when photographing weddings I have not had this happen to any of my brides, however I try to minimise my use of flash, unless really necessary.

5. Make up top ups

Unless you are having your make up re-done for the evening celebrations, chances are, you will want to freshen up your make up as the day goes on. Mainly your lipstick and a touch of setting or anti shine powder. Nominate someone you want to hold onto these items for you in their handbag, as you will not have anywhere to put such items on the day. Also if you are planning to do more than a quick dusting of powder whilst waiting for your evening guests to arrive, make sure your make up bag is easy find in your room, the last thing you want to be doing in your wedding dress, is rummaging around looking through bags and cases for your make up.

6. You do not need to wear excessive make up for it to 'show up' in your photographs

Sometimes I speak to brides, who are concerned about how much makeup they will have to wear as friends have told them, it needs to be really heavy to show up in photographs. This may be the case with a selfie taken with your mobile phone, however high definition professional wedding photography cameras, will pick up your make up fine. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in how you look on the day.

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